Tunisia has witnessed recently a bitter controversy over the report of the Committee on Individual Liberties and Equality… Since controversy is a healthy phenomenon, it has to be valued and considered a natural and positive situation within a social context that is torn between a tendency for renewing it and a tendency to fear and maintain it. Since society is governed by the law of silence, as in the recent past, it is also possible to say that it is natural for such disparate expressions to find a peaceful entry and place within the public space. However, we are concerned about how the debate has been transformed into a violent one that has intensified and engendered a wave of curses and insults that have afflicted the members of this Committee, who were threatened by this situation. Therefore, CAFA   expresses its total solidarity and without any reservation with the members of the Committee who have been receiving threats and violent insults, especially Mrs. Bouchra Belhaj Hmida and Mr. Slaheddine Al-Jourchi, who is also a founding member of the network.

CAFA calls on all its activists and partners to mobilize efforts day and night through social media, platforms, public dialogue places, workplaces, and in places where people are located, against hate speech that has turned a good initiative into a space for verbal violence and incitement to hatred.

CAFA also calls upon the Public Prosecution, at every opportunity, to carry out its role to consider online insults a cybercrime and direct incitement to violence, and not to hesitate to protect individuals, and their properties.