Following the assault on the Secretary-General of “Mominoun (Believers) Without Borders” Dr. Younis Qandil by a group of extremists, CAFA Network informs the public opinion and the international community that.

– It strongly condemns the kidnapping and torture of Dr. Kandil.

– It unconditionally supports Dr. Kandil against any attempt to intimidate him.

– It highly stresses the sanctity of the right to expression and opinion and denounce violent extremism, whatever the motivation.

As a reminder, “Mominoun (Believers) Without Borders” has announced that its Secretary-General Dr. Younis Kandil was found after being kidnapped by three armed gangsters when he was driving his car on his own north of Jordanian capital Amman.

Mominoun posted on its Facebook wall that the Secretary-General “was severely beaten, physically and psychologically tortured, his tongue was burnt, his finger was broken, aggressors wrote on his back with a sharp knife.”

The Center stated that the kidnappers asked Kandil to stop, him and Mominoun, writing and speaking.

The same source stated that the aggressors put something on his head, which proved later on to be a “holy book” and told him it was a time bomb, which would expose in case he moved.

CAFA Network therefor calls upon research centers and researchers everywhere to consider the kidnapping and torture of Dr. Kandil as a catalyst for further action to combat all forms of violent extremism and challenge them intellectually and culturally without fear or hesitation.