Who are we?

On 27 October 2016, 28 January 2017 and 24-25 February 2017, we announce our involvement in the Network of Civil Activists against Violent Extremism, by endorsing the decision to sign the Code of Honor of the Network, as follows:
First: Setting standards by which the work of all constituents of the network is organized.
Second: This Charter is a guiding guide and a moral and ethical commitment through which the programs and activities of the Network and its employees are organized, in order to serve its objectives and principles as stipulated in the founding paper.
Third: The network works to achieve its objectives by adopting three mechanisms:

National research
Development of preventive and speech work
Follow-up and monitoring
These moral obligations are based on the following rules

All members individually or institutionally believe in the importance of preventive action against violent extremism, develop its mechanisms and means of action, and commit to it as a national and humanitarian duty.
The members are committed to work and assist without looking for a material return, working with the different sectors of society in the spirit of tolerance and volunteering, and taking every dispute or special interest to achieve the general welfare good with all dedication and humility.
All members consider that the value of the network is in the extent of its actual impact in the reality of society and on the phenomenon of preventive action, through the media, educational, legislative, social and cultural work. Accordingly, the network is committed to periodically evaluate its work.
The network avoids engaging in any unilateral or collective movement of a profit, political, religious, inflammatory or propaganda nature that could lead to a departure from the coalition’s objectives. Therefore, the network has overcome the spirit of consensus based on free debate, not addressing any interlocutor or talking with any organization or organization called “network” without reference to the executive writing.
The Network works within the national arena and, on the basis of it, to develop the Tunisian expertise in this field, opening the door to cooperation with institutions similar to those not prejudicial to national sovereignty or respect for institutions.
The network works in cooperation with the official authorities and institutions concerned with preventive work related to the phenomenon of activity, whenever the management of the network finds it necessary while maintaining its independence.
The Network is committed to acting seriously, responsibly and respecting its objectives through transparency and good governance. It is also committed to periodically evaluate its work by independent entities.
Members of the Network are committed to expressing their opinion in deliberations and meetings, based on objective data and information, while being faithful to the different components of the network
Through their research, pedagogical and preventive development work, the members of the network adhere to the quality standards and perseverance in achieving the results and accomplishing the programs in full compliance with the standards, rules and decisions approved by the network structures and implementing them
This Charter shall enter into force on the date of its signature. All components of the Coalition shall undertake to abide by and abide by its requirements and to the international and national authorities in the field of combating violence and extremism in all its forms.

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